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6th Grade Physical Science

Mr. McCaffrey

My name is Mr. McCaffrey. I am very excited to be your student's Science teacher for the coming school year. In 6th grade, we will be exploring the matter that makes up the universe and the energy that influences it. We will investigate Atoms and Molecules, Elements and Compounds, Force and Motion, and Energy and Waves. We expect to have a fun year of Lab activities and making use of various technologies to achieve these goals.

For the first time, we will be implementing the Hughton Mifflin Hardcorur curriculum into our lesson plans.It incudes consumable workbooks and online components, which students will be tasked with completing at home. It was designed around the fundamentas of the Next Generation Science Standards which were adopted by New Jersey. Because of thiese things, we expect that our class will be more driven by technology and discovery based. I invite you to look the new standards over by clicking on the pdf file to the right. It will give you a better idea of what the our expectations and learning objectives are this year.

If you click on the "Links" to the right you will be able to view the homework for today or any previous day to date. Likewise, I will be adding other cool sites for reference, current events, and fun science stuff/games. The "Posts" section is for updates, projects and other miscellaneous information. 

I encourage you to enroll in my group to receive text message notices of quizzes and tests and other events and assignments. 

The grading scale for the year will be as follows:

50% Assessments (Tests, Lab Reports, Projects, Notebook)

30% Quizzes (including pop quizzes)

10% Homework/Classwork

10% Class Participation (Click on Rubric to the right)




Climate and Culture Survey


Special Note about Chromebooks 11/6/17


If you are being asked to activate your JavaScript or Adobe Flashplayer in order to open certain Activities on Chromebook, follow the following instructions.  cannot open certain


To verify if JavaScript is enabled:

  1. In Google Chrome, click Chrome > Settings.
  2. Click the Show Advanced Settings link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Under Privacy, click Content Settings.
  4. In the Content Settings page, select Allow All Sites to Run JavaScript.
  5. Click OK, and then close and reopen Chrome.



To allow Adobe Flash Player:

  1. In Google Chrome, click Chrome > Settings.
  2. Click the Show Advanced Settings link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Under Privacy, click Content Settings.
  4. In the Content Settings page, select Allow All Sites to Run JavaScript.
  5. Click the arrow on Flash Allow, then ADD
  6. then add the website you will be using.

For example, to play the science games on my Links page add






Recent Posts

Electric Circuits Website

The folowing project is due on Monday 6/11. 
2. You should see a green circuit screen. Click on "Enter"
3 Enter that one person will be playing
4.Type your First and Last Name in the provided box and click O.K. This is the name that will appear on the certificate you earn, so be sure to use your real name and not a nickname.  
5.You will see 5 circles click on the first one .
6.Read all the information first and then click the green arrow. Note: you can not save your session so if you get disconnected or sign off before you complete it you will have t start over at the beginning. 
7. After you have successfully completed the activity click on the "?" and take the quiz.
8. When you have completed the quiz a star will light on the top border of the screen.
9. Move on to section 2.
10. After completing all 5  sections you see a screen presenting you with a certificate of completion. Print out your certificate and bring it to class. If absolutely can not print it, take a screen shot (hold down the ctrl key while you press the prt scr key). Paste it on a Word doc or on an email and send it to me.
If you do not have a  internet access at home, computers with printers are available in the public library and at homework club. 
For more fun with circuits, click on the link to complete electric circuit activity on the British Broadcast Company's website.

Solar System Webquest

Sound and LIght Treasure Hunt

Use the links below to help you complete this webquest.
Answer Questions 1,2,3,and 4.
1st ACTIVITY:  Experiment with the waves frequency and amplitude.  Observe what happens to the wavelength with each change you make.  Include your observations in your answer to question 5.    
Answer questions 6,7,and 8.
Use the pictures at the bottom of the page to answer question 9.
2nd ACTIVITY:  Slide the red switch to change the transparent material.  Use the different speeds to answer questions 10, 11, and 12.    
3rd ACTIVITY:  Use the wavelength to select your favorite color.  Then, change just the amplitude of each wave. Use your observations to answer question 13.