Belleville Middle School

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About Mr. DiNapoli:       Growing up in Belleville and attending Belleville Middle School myself, I have a love and appreciation for my position. Entering my fifth full year in the school and fourth year teaching 7th grade has me excited for the 2017-2018 school year. In addition to teaching at Belleville Middle School, I am also the coach of the Belleville Junior Varsity Boys' Soccer team and was the Freshman coach for the last three seasons. Whether it is on the field or in the classroom, I'm looking to get maximum effort from students and players in working toward our goals.

      *****I have included a link to remind 101, which sends a text message to a cellular device when I post a homework for the night. There is also a link to Oncourse for homework, but be forewarned, if there are any changes to the homework on a daily basis, the changed will be reflected on Remind.


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Spring Break Extra Credit

Imagine you are part of a time traveling group.  Pick one event or time period we have learned about that you would travel to.  Who would you talk to? What might you say? (would it be a question, a comment, or a warning of something that you know is about to happen?) 
Write a 3 paragraph response answering these questions
Use RACER for the body paragraph