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Welcome to Mrs. Natoli's 7th Grade Science!!

Remind 101 is a texting system that sends out a text to both parents and students to tell what Homework is due the next day. If you would like to be added to this text please send a new text message to:

973-988-4135  and in the message box include the following code below (according to your child's science period) including the '@' symbol.

In the message box:

period 1: write -----> @mrsjna

period 3: write -----> @ck92g

period 5: write -----> @26ff86

period 6: write -----> @g66f

period 7: write -----> @2k2f

Classroom Rules

* Be respectful to classmates and teachers

* Be Prepared

* Be on time to class

* Remain quiet in class

* Obey all school/building rules


Needed Materials

* Pen/Pencil,

* Binder/Notebook

* Folder




Your grade will be averaged from tests, quizzes, projects, participation and class/homework.



Quizzes ………...…………….......20%

Class/Homework …………….......20%

Class Participation  ……………...10%

Includes being prepared for class



* Each student is responsible for his or her own homework.

* Homework will be checked the day that it is due (It is important to note the due date of each assignment). 

*Randomly there can be homework pop quizzes, during which you will be allowed to use your homework to help you answer the quiz questions.  These will count as a quiz grade.

*Hopefully you will complete the homework assignments and use the quizzes to improve your final making period average.



* It is important to maintain your binder/ notebook in a neat and organized manner. 


* There will be random ‘Do Now’ quizzes throughout the year.  These quizzes are to see if you have been participating in the ‘Do Now’ exercises at the start of each class. You will be asked to recall a specific ‘Do Now’ from your notebook and if you have it you will receive a 100 quiz grade. You will be allowed to use your notes.





*Projects will be counted as a test grade.

*For each project you will be given a direction sheet. 

*Late projects will lose points for each day the project is late. 

*Any project a week late will be a failing grade.


Extra Help

* Extra help will be scheduled as requested

* Review sessions will be held a day or two before tests

General Topics of Study




            Other Space Objects

            Space Exploration


            Types of Rocks






            Weather Elements



Weather Predictions