Ms. Venezia's Math Class

My Syllabus is as follows:


First and foremost, my Course Syllabus will revolve around teaching and reinforcing concepts/skills taught in math classes. Topics will be organized around the fundamental concepts included in the Curriculum Frameworks– for Grade 6 and 7.  Students will gain the skills and knowledge needed to understand and apply these concepts.  They will utilize math relationships to solve problems in everyday life. Specific emphasis will be placed on recognizing, visualizing, and representing mathematics to encompass the skill level of all students. I will employ pedagogical methods and techniques for teaching these fundamental concepts and skills to my sixth and seventh grade students for success and preparation needed for PARCC.


     I will utilize a variety of resource materials, ancillaries, manipulatives, hands-on activities and projects to foster critical thinking. The focus will be on differentiated learning as my mantra is, “All Children Can Learn”.