Welcome to the 2018-9 school year.

     My name is Mrs. Sabino and I will be your child’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) teacher. STEAM is an interdisciplinary, standards-based course designed to engage students in real-world, hands-on collaborative learning while mastering core algebraic and physical science concepts. Students learn to organize with math while they research as scientists and historians by using technology to understand global development and communicate their solutions. STERAM ties all the subjects to each other to achieve a full spectrum experience of our rapidly changing world. In a rich learning environment, students will examine basic principles of algebra, geometry, chemistry, forensics, engineering and physics through real world learning experiences designed to develop critical thinking, leadership, collaborative and problem solving skills. These learning experiences allow students to discover and create novel solutions to problems while using current technologies. Students will apply the New Jersey Learning Standards in Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards, Social Studies, 21st Century Technology and Visual Arts Standards through research, journal writing, verbal communication and public speaking skills. 

   As a parent you will be able to see ALL of your students classroom and homework assignments just as the student sees them in class on the SmartBoard! If your child is absent or needs to make up an assignment everything is there to download! Utilizing current technologies, our class will be going paperless - all student assignments are available through OnCourse. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and policies for class. Through OnCourse system you will also be able to check for your student’s current assignments, as well as monitor your child’s grades.

     The Class Policy sheet should be read, filled out and returned to class by Monday, September 10th, 2018.

     It is essential that students are prepared for class each day, follow directions, and act in an appropriate manner for our daily activities. Taking responsibility is a key to middle school success.

     It is anticipated that all students will be receiving Chromebook/laptops and will need to bring this to class each day. Inappropriate use of the Chromebook/laptop will result in loss of privileges. In addition, students will be using Google Classroom to complete and submit specific assignments.


Here is some pertinent information about our class;

     Students must remember to bring supplies to class each and every day. Students are not permitted to leave class to go to their lockers. This will count as part of their Participation & Preparation grade.
     I look forward to an exciting school year and a successful learning experience with your child.
     Mrs. Sabino
Marking Period 1 Reminders: „
            Supplies due in class Monday, 9/10/18
       EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: For 9/18/18, bring in a CARDBOARD (not the plastic one it has a different shape) Pringles can with the lid for an activity.
Vocabulary Quiz on 9/26/18 - words on the note card.
Marking Period 2 Reminders: „
1. Up-cycling Project Due: January 16, 2019
2. If a student wishes to do the EXTRA CREDIT portion of the Candy Wrapper Dilation Project they must see me for details.