Belleville Middle School

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Welcome to the 2017-18 school year.

     My name is Mrs. Sabino and I will be your child’s visual art teacher. Students are enrolled in visual art for 1 semester (2 marking periods) in grades 6 and 7.

     I am excited that our district will soon be rolling out a Google Classroom platform for all classes. Currently, until this is rolled out out class is using this website for all assignments. As a parent you will be able to see ALL of your students classroom and homework assignments just as the student sees them in class on the SmartBoard! If your child is absent or needs to make up an assignment everything is there to download! As soon as this is opened your child will receive an access code for their class. Until that time arrives, our class will be going paperless - all student assignments including the class policy sheet (Art Department Welcome), grading rubric, and the vocabulary list are available through OnCourse and the attachments below. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and policies for class. Through OnCourse system you will also be able to check for your student’s current homework assignments for each night (they will appear after 3pm of the day assigned) as well as monitor your child’s grades.

     The Class Policy sheet should be read and the last page printed, filled out and returned to class by Friday, September 29, 2017. For Semester 2 students this will be Monday February 5th, 2018.

     It is essential that students are prepared for class each day, follow directions, and act in an appropriate manner for our daily activities. Taking responsibility is a key to middle school success.

     Students will need an old magazine for several of our projects. Students will receive ample time to obtain the image and specific directions as to subject matter and size.

     Once a month students will have a HOMEWORK assignment that will be a written response to a work of art, this assignment will count as a TEST. This assignment is accessed through the class website only.

     Sixth grade students are encouraged to bring their Chromebook to class. Inappropriate use of the Chromebook will result in loss of privileges.


Here is some pertinent information about our class;

     The policy sheet (Art Department Welcome) will also include your child’s Supply List for class. For semester 1, supplies are due Monday September 11th, 2017 and will count as their first preparation grade for Marking Period 1, Semester 1. For Semester 2, Marking Period 3, the policy sheet and all supplies will be due in class on Monday February 5th, 2018. Students must remember to bring supplies to class each and every day. Students are not permitted to leave class to go to their lockers. This will count as part of their Participation & Preparation grade.
     I look forward to an exciting school year and a successful learning experience with your child.
     Mrs. Sabino
Marking Period One Student Art Gallery Slide Show is now available for viewing! Features the work of over 45 students in grades 6 and 7.
Semester 2 Reminders: „
            Supplies due in class Monday, 2/5/18
Marking Period 4 Assignment Due Dates: „
            Grade 6
                    Wayne Thiebaud Cakes due 4/24/18
                     Sonia Delauney Circles Due 4/27/18                   
                    Written Response "Matisse Scandal" Article due 5/11/18
                    My Museum Project due 6/13/18                    
                    Draw Now Packet for MP 4 due 6/15/18
              Grade 7
                    Exploding Spheres/Positive & Negative Space due 4/27/18
                    Written Response "Matisse Scandal" Article due 5/11/18
                    My Museum Project due 6/13/18                    
                    Draw Now Packet for MP 4 due 6/15/18