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I am a proud Math Teacher here at the Belleville Middle School. I have taught classes ranging from Math Lab to Accelerated for the 7th and 8th grades. I am responsible for your child's education, and I take this responsibility very seriously. I am a mature professional, but have not forgotten the way it feels to be a student in class all day. While the accent of the class is obviously math, I take advantage of any moments where other curriculum can be added to my lessons, particularly life skills. I am firm, fair, and caring. I strive to be a positive role model for my classes, and refer to them as my family. I enjoy what I do every day, and it is because your child is part of it.

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HW: for 1/3/2017

Complete the following problem showing all the work!
You invite 50 people to a party.
20% = Family
10% = Entertainment
40% = Friends
  ?    = Co-workers
How MANY CO-WORKERS did you invite?

HOMEWORK 12/7/16

Finish Percent Proportion Worksheet.
If not completed, detention will be served on 12/13.