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Welcome to Mrs. Kucko's Webpage! 


I am an instructional coach for BMS and BHS teachers.  I will be using this website to keep you informed and updated about helpful strategies and resources that you can use in your classroom.  I look forward to working with you throughout the year! Let me know how I can help you! Communication is always important! If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: 

About myself:

I have always considered myself a lifelong learner!  I graduated from the Richard Stockton College of NJ in 2009. I obtained a BA in Psychology and a BA in Education. I earned my MA in Reading in 2014 from William Paterson University. I am certified in multiple areas; K-6, 5-8 Language Arts, Reading Specialist, and Supervision. This is my 9th year in Belleville.  Previously, I taught 1st grade at School Number 3 for three years and 6th grade ELA for 5 years at BMS. 



Recent Posts

Six Flags- Read to Succeed ( 6 hrs )

The Six Flags Read to Succeed Reading Log is due 2/23 by 3PM.

>> G R E A T  N E W S <<
If you complete the Six Flags Reading Log ( read for 6 hours and have a teacher or guardian sign off) you will get FREE admission pass to 6 Flags Great Adventure.
Be sure to read for 6 hours in your free time in class or at home.  This should NOT be the same book as your reading log. 

ELA Benchmark Unit 2- Article

On the 2 days that you are reporting to AUX HR and not taking the benchmark, you will have to complete this assignment. 
Please read the nonfiction article and answer the following multiple choice questions on a separate sheet of paper. 

This will count as a TEST GRADE and is DUE TUESDAY 1/23. 
This assignment is online and since you will have your Chromebooks for testing, there are NO EXCUSES that this cannot be completed. If you do not complete it, it will be a ZERO.

ELA 11/29

Hi Everyone
I apologize but my son and I are still sick.  Here is your task today:
Quietly read the article "The Volcano That Changed the World" in class.  *Please note, in the post below, I have provided you with a digital copy of the article.  DO NOT take Scholastic Scope Magazine home with you without asking my permission. 
After reading, you have two questions to complete via your Chromebook.  You can copy and paste these questions into a new document.
If you do not have a Chromebook, please look on with a partner to copy these 2 questions down in your ELA notebooks/binders.
I am allowing all students to use any RACE handouts that will assist them in making their responses stronger.  There is NO EXCUSE to still be using "In the text it states..." Points will be deducted if this is done from now on. 
Once done, please share your work with me by the end of class today. 
Short Version
-Quietly read "The Volcano That Changed the World"
(Online via our class page - see below- or Scope Magazine)
- Answer 2 questions via Chromebook or paper about the article.
- This will count as a grade!
Good Luck & Be Good. 
- Mrs. K
Please remember that your reading logs and activities are due on MONDAY 12/4.  If you are done with your task early, please read or complete a reading response activity.  Extra copies can be found on the HOMEWORK tab. 

Monday 11/27

Hi Everyone.  I am home sick today. Please see below and complete your tasks.  
Today, you will view a PPT on Text Features.  Feel free to take BRIEF notes in your ELA notebooks and binders.  
Then, you will use a hi-lighter and hi-light all of the text features you can find in the short story called "Clocks".  
Once completed, you will grab a Scholastic Scope Magazine and find the article titled "The Volcano That Changed the World".  You are NOT reading the article today. 

You will then work with your group members to complete the Text Feature activity sheet.  Please locate and list all the text features you can find in "The Volcano That Changed the World" .
If you are done early, and your work looks neat, you may read for your reading log.

Check List:
- View PPT on Text Features and take brief notes ( no more than 10 minutes)
- Use a hi-lighter and locate all of the text features in the short story "Clocks"
- Using Scope Magazine, complete the Text Feature Activity Sheet with the article "The Volcano That Changed the World".  I repeat: You are NOT reading the article today. 
- Done early? READ a book of your choice! No Chromebooks!