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6th Grade Physical Science

Mr. McCaffrey

My name is Mr. McCaffrey. I am very excited to be your student's Science teacher for the coming school year. In 6th grade, we will be exploring the matter that makes up the universe and the energy that influences it. We will investigate Atoms and Molecules, Elements and Compounds, Force and Motion, and Energy and Waves. We expect to have a fun year of Lab activities and making use of various technologies to achieve these goals.

For the first time, we will be implementing the Next Generation Science Standards in our lesson plans. They were developed over the last few years by educators from 26 "Lead States" including New Jersey. They were initially rolled out in 2013 and the N.J. Department of Education has officially adopted them, this year, for grades 6 - 12. I invite you to look them over by clicking on the pdf file to the right. It will give you a better idea of what the our expectations and learning objectives are this year.

If you click on the "Links" to the right you will be able to view the homework for today or any previous day to date. Likewise, I will be adding other cool sites for reference, current events, and fun science stuff/games. The "Posts" section is for updates, projects and other miscellaneous information. 

I encourage you to enroll in my group to receive text message notices of quizzes and tests and other events and assignments. 

The grading scale for the year will be as follows:

50% Assessments (Tests, Lab Reports, Projects, Notebook)

20% Quizzes (including pop quizzes)

20% Homework/Classwork

10% Class Participation (Click on Rubric to the right)


There will be a retake of the 12/6 Properties of Matter Quiz. The retake date is Tuesday 12/13. Students can come either at 8:15 pm or 3:15 in room 105. In order to take the test, students must make corrections to their original and return it by Monday.



Revised Tutor/Extra Help Hours -Mondays 3:15 pm Room 006,Tuesdays and Wednesdays 3:15 pm Room 105 


Special Request - Please be sure that all parents and students have filled out the following surveys. 

If your child did not fill it out in school for some reason, please, have them sign onto and complete the student's survey. They should use the following link.



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