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Welcome to Ms. Hansen's ELA 6 class page!

I am a 6th grade English Language Arts teacher at Belleville Middle School. This is my fourth year teaching in Belleville. I will be using this website to keep you informed and updated about what is going on in our classroom as well as resources that can be used at home. I look forward to working with you throughout the year. If you should have any concerns about your child, please feel free to contact me:


Recent Posts

Among the Hidden Novel Study

1.  This novel will replace the novels you have previously used for regular Reading Logs with assigned nightly chapters.  Reading Activities rules still apply meaning they are to be 6-8 sentences and your choice, and must be here when they are due.
2. There will be occasional pop quizzes based on nightly reading which will be simple recall. You will not be able to use the novel for these short quizzes, as they are simply used to make sure you are doing your hw.
3. To be considered prepared for class (this will be a pat of your participation/ classwork grade) you will need:
  • the ATH novel.
  • looseleaf paper.
  • a pen/ pencil.

Benchmark 4

The fourth and final benchmark will take place the week of May 22 focusing on narrative skills and a related writing prompt.

Maze of Doom/ What's With These Guys Study Guide

Format: 6 Multiple Choice/ 2 OEQ’s

You must Know:

  • The ideas that both the play and essay support (what points do they have in common?)
  • The most important events of the play
  • How to use synonyms for vocabulary words.
  • Compare/ Contrast the characters of the play to superheroes
  • Define/ explain how main characters are heroes.

Extra Credit Opportunity

Extra Credit Opportunity:  Bring in a box of tissues for extra credit, limit 2, for two points.  Due before break.

Benchmark 3 and SGO Tests

Will take place the week of March 20th- it's a good weekend to take home your notes and get cozy with them!

Malala Owl Group Questions

Owl Groups 5 and 6-

1.Why do you think the author begins the article with Malala’s shooting?

2.What details help you to understand the meaning of the word” oppressive” on page 6?

3.On page 9, protestors held signs that said, “I Am Malala”, what does that mean?

Malala Questions Llama/ Wolverine Groups

Llama Groups 1-4:

1.Why don’t  girls go to school in some parts of Pakistan?

2.What actions did Malala do that showed that she is courageous?

3.What do lines 1 and 2 of the poem describe?  What could this stand for in life?

Superintendent Forum 2/28

Appropriate use of social media is an important issue facing our middle school students.  Students, parents, and guardians are all invited to this event to learn more about how we can help as a community.  I hope to see you there!

Robin Hood Test Study Guide for 2/27

1.Know the definitions and how to use all drama vocabulary.

2. Summarizing the main idea of the play.

3. Using text to support the character traits of any character or why they do something.


(Maid Marian- honest, open-minded…which text would support this?

Robin Hood conceited, reckless, bold… which text evidence would prove/ support this?

4. How the nonfiction text features help you understand the play (any sidebar information, or picture/ caption)

5. The ways in which the law of Robin’s time motivates him to steal and why.

Question breakdown: 10 mult. choice, 2 RACER, 9 fill in the blank.


"Imagine This Was Your School" Study Guide

1.Summarizing/ the main idea of the article.

2.Using context clues to define a word in context.

3.Author’s purpose for writing the article.

4.Using text evidence to support a claim.

5.Tone within the article based on word choice.

6.Vocabulary words used in context.

7.The ideas presented in the poem versus the nonfiction narrative.

* 13 multiple choice  *1 OEQ to be answered in RACER format

Biography Book Report due 2/23/17

Please use the attaced pdf file to access a digital copy of the project that was assigned today periods 3-5, and tomorrow for periods 10-12.  Book checks will be held today and tomorrow for this project, they must be around 120 pages and can be either a biography or autobiography.  Projects are due on Thursday 2/23 when the written portion of the handout and cereal box or poster will be presented in class.  Please pay close attention to the rubrics when completing this work.